City Auto seen breaking rules despite campaign by administration

Siliguri, 29 June (Bijay Paul) : City autos are seen moving throughout the city, risking the lives of the peolle travelling in it. Due to the lack of space in the auto and not getting vehicles frequently to travel, the people risk their lives and travel in the City Auto. In such situations, nobody can be blamed for accidents that might occur due to negligence and carelessness.

It is seen everywhere in the city, that City Auto has been overloading passengers and violating the rules. Even after overloading, the City Auto drivers are never short of excuses. Some drivers say that overloading is done only if the number of passengers increases in the middle, while some say that overloading is due to the emergency of the people wanting to travel to the medical routes.

Meanwhile, the city residents say that strict action has been taken against Toto on behalf of the administration, but no such action has been taken against City Auto, which has given the City Auto drivers the exemption to be careless.

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