Matigara Triple Murder Case : Court Sentences 3 Men to Death

Siliguri, 29 June (Shubham Paul) : Three people accused for murder of a family were sentenced to death by the Court. On 14 September 2015, Pradip Barman, his wife, Dipti Barman and their kid, Prasenjit Barman, residents of Shivmandir under Matigara Police Station, were murdered by three people. The accused were identified as Sahadev Barman, Dipu Sutradhar and Chiranjit Mandal.

According to sources, all of the accused were at Pradip Barman’s house working with furniture where they noticed his money and jewellery. The next night, the three men murdered the family and ran away with all the money and jewellery. The Matigara Police started an investigation on the case from 15th September and arrested Sahadev Barman within the next two days. During an inquiry session with Sahadev, the police got hold of two new names, Dipu Sutradhar and and Chiranjit Mandal, and arrested them. Four years after that incident, Judge Devprasad Nath sentenced all of the accused to death.

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