Three arrested for performing anti-social acts after consumption of alcohol and drugs

Siliguri, 29 June (Sachin Kumar) : NJP police has arrested three youths from More Bazaar, last night, after they were seen performing anti-social acts after the consumption of alcohol and drugs. The arrested youths have been identified as Rajkumar Toppo, Shambhu Raut and Bhola Sarkar. One of them is a resident of Suryasen Colony while the other two are from Central Colony. All of them were presented in Jalpaiguri court, today.

According to the information, three men were arrested, on the basis of information received from secret sources, by the NJP police who were undercover as civilians. The three used to execute anti-social activities after consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Many objectionable materials have also been recovered from each of them.

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